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BlueSky in Paradise
Hawaii "Bizcation™” Workshop
 July 25 – August 2, 2011 and August 29 – Sept 6, 2011
Outrigger on the Reef at Waikiki Beach (Honolulu, Hawaii)
3-Days of Workshops
Gain a higher level of business insight and craft your own business plan, sales pitch and financial forecast using the revolutionary System.

  • DAY 1 Strengthen Your Mission
  • DAY 2 Pump Up Your Strategy
  • DAY 3 Leaping Financial Hurdles

6-Days Fun!
Enjoy an additional 6 days of leisure activities (at your own pace)

Instructed by Steve Sue, BizGym founder & author (preview the BizGym Success System at
9 days/8 nights at Outrigger on the Reef
Breakfast included every day, lunch including during workshop sessions, 4 non-business activities included, return airport transfers, welcome greeting, sunset cocktail mixer/registration, luau dinner
$4255.00 (excl Airfares)
Registration limited to 20 participants
Send us an email to register your interest,, or call us on 1 800 881 7780.

Event management services provided by Alpha Global Travel Services LLC
Melbourne, Denver, Honolulu



“Bizcation™ Workshop” is a nine-day retreat in Hawaii that features three days of intensive workshops using the revolutionary BizGym Business Planning & Pitch Writing System. During the workshop, participants will perfect entrepreneurial vision and craft business plans, sales pitches and financial forecasts for their own businesses.

The event is geared toward inventors, startups, small-business and fast-growth enterprises. Discussion includes all key themes of business planning, pitch development and financial forecasting. The workshop portion also features a dinner luau, sunset cocktails and session breakfasts & lunches.

Following the workshops, six additional days are provided for leisure activities and optional add-on private business development sessions on a first-come basis.
“Bizcation™ Workshop” was developed by Signature Travel Australia and its US affiliate Alpha Global Travel Services to provide a fun and enlightening experience designed for entrepreneurs, inventors and anyone interested in growing an enterprise.
“Bizcation™ Workshop” is a hands-on 3-day workshop in which you’ll perfect your own business plan, variety of sales pitches and a 5-year financial forecast. During the workshops, you’ll log content into your own membership account project which will be available to you after the conference for future evolution.
Daily sessions will be moderated by BizGym founder and author, Steve Sue, an Internet entrepreneur and business development specialist who has worked with numerous celebrity and high net worth individuals on ventures in information technology, hospitality, entertainment and product retailing.

DAY 1 Strengthen Your Mission
First day workshops concentrate on exercises to help you gain a higher-level perspective on your market and developer a truly potent Mission, Vision and Elevator Pitch. As you gain key insights, you’ll record concepts, ideas and epiphanies in your BizGym System.

  • 9-10am Breakfast: Registration, Welcome & Orientation Kickoff
  • 10-12 Workshop: Clarifying Your Big Idea: Mission & Vision Development
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-3pm Workshop: Finding the Magic Words: Pitch Development & Key Talk Points
  • 5-7pm Cocktails: sponsor tbd.

DAY 2 Pump Up Your Strategy
Day two concentrates on strategic exercises to perfect your business model, growth & ramp-up strategy and promotional plan. Through the BizGym System, you’ll be able to craft your own business plan and executive summary.

  • 9-10am Breakfast
  • 10-12 Workshop: Pumping Up Your Strategic Muscle: Business Modeling Workshop
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-3pm Workshop: Mapping Your Journey to Success: Growth Strategy Workshop
  • 5-7pm Cocktails: sponsor tbd.

DAY 3  Leaping Financial Hurdles
Day three concentrates on exercises to optimize your merchandising and profit model. You’ll also use the fast and easy BizGym Financial Modeling System to craft your own 5-year Financial Forecasts including an Income Statement, Cash Flow Report and Balance Sheet.

  • 9-10am Breakfast
  • 10-12 Workshop: Optimizing Your Bottom Line: Merchandising & Profit Modeling Workshop
  • 12-1pm Lunch
  • 1-3pm Workshop: Making Your Numbers Sing: Financial Modeling Workshop
  • 5-9pm Dinner Luau

Participants are recommended to bring a portable computer to work on during sessions and signup for a Free or Plus Membership at prior to the event. Free wireless Internet access will be provided.
Steve Sue is the product of an oddly-matched education in art (BA, UCLA) and law (JD, UC Berkeley). Through a career that careened across hospitality, retail, entertainment and technology, he became known as “The Story Guy.” Steve recalls, “Early on, I was known as a guy who both ‘got’ business and could draw pictures. So I’d get hired to work brainstorming sessions. My job was to doodle everyone’s ideas into pictures. When I succeeded, I was a rock star. When the ’90s recession hit, fewer people were invited to sessions so eventually I’d be asked to just come up with ideas on my own.” Steve has been lucky enough to travel the world and touch many industries but he recently retired to a tropical island to hunker down on creating a unique online "Idea Bank" application designed to empower anyone to make a big idea into a business. Steve also is the president of StoryManager, Inc., a boutique consulting firm that offers business strategy and story consulting services including web, print & video production.

Prior to his current pursuits, Steve was the Lead Conceptualist for Steelman Partners in Las Vegas specializing in the creation of mega casino resorts around the world. Steve’s background also includes being the founder and president of Bedrock Companies which featured Steve’s works in corporate branding (Chevron, McDonald's, Skyy Vodka, CPK, Proctor & Gamble), websites (City of Oakland, Carmen San Diego product line), software (Autodesk Impressions Software), film (Sister Act II, When a Man Loves a Woman, Harry Potter openings), live entertainment (Kristi Yamaguchi's Golden Moment Ice Shows, String Cheese Incident productions), corporate gala productions for countless fortune 500 companies (Adobe, Siebel, LSI, Veritas, Broderbund) and theme environments (Wonderful World of OZ, Gameworks, Downtown Disney).



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